A while ago I discovered this wonderful list of books called the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Australian writer Patrick Lenton went through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and wrote down every book referenced in the series. The total comes out to 339 books. 

(Note: This list does not include anything referenced in the recent Netflix addition to the Gilmore Girls series, although perhaps someone will take up Mr. Lenton's initiative and do it for us.)

At the time I discovered this list, I had been contemplating starting my own physical library after being inspired by Thomas Jefferson's collection in the Library of Congress, so what better way to start than by using the Rory Gilmore list as a guide for building my library?

There are only 2 rules I have for completing the challenge:

  1. Even if I have already read the book, I have to re-read it again unless it is something I read very recently or remember REALLY well (i.e., I don't need to re-read the Harry Potter books). This will force me to re-read a lot of books I read in high school that I hated at the time but might now actually enjoy, or at least better appreciate.
  2. I have to start every book, but if I get partway in and decide it is personally offensive, I can stop reading it, look up a summary, and still mark it off the list. "Personally offensive" is more than just being boring or talking about a heavy subject - it has to strongly offend my morals or make me feel spiritually offended. Admittedly, this is an entirely subjective standard. I make no apologies for that. Your decision to read a book should be entirely your own.

With these 2 rules in mind, here is the full list of 339. As I finish each one I will link it to a brief review. Follow me on Instagram (@ridinginfront) to see what I'm reading now and join me in my quest to complete the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge!