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A Guide to Seaport Restaurants

A Guide to Seaport Restaurants

Seaport is an up-and-coming part of Boston. As in, the entire area was literally built up about two years ago. If you're in the area, check out this restaurant guide when planning your visit.

In alphabetical order:

75 on Liberty Wharf

The day I went to 75 on Liberty Wharf, it was me, the national Hiring Partner of the firm, another Partner at the firm, one other intern, and a first year associate. I was trying not to be a total glutton, so I decided to eat light by ordering the crab cake appetizer and a side salad. The food was delicious, but the appetizer was a true appetizer, and I was hungry about an hour later. (Darn noble efforts.) I also ordered a ginger lime Rickey, which was delicious.


Babbo Pizzeria

Babbo’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Seaport! I highly recommend the Formaggio appetizers. We had a large group, so we got the order of 7. The cheeses come on a flat board along with small plates of truffle honey, apricot mostarda, and amarena cherries. Trust me – it’s delicious! I also recommend the calamari and arugula salad for appetizers. In terms of pizza, I sampled the capricciosa, goat cheese, and truffle. All three of them were delicious.



Aside from the fact that Committee has the best mocktails I’ve discovered thus far in Boston, their Mediterranean menu is also quite tasty. I liked the calamari and the quinoa salad with a chicken skewer. I’ve had their chicken skewers on a few occasions, and their chicken is delicious every single time I try it!



Gather is kind of like Committee – a little more casual, a little lighter fare, but still very good. I had their chowder and side salad. The chowder isn’t like normal clam chowder – it comes with corn, potatoes, bacon, and clams. This makes it a little heavier and really confuses your taste buds. It wasn’t my favorite chowder, but I still enjoyed the meal overall.


Legal Harborside

Nothing says Boston like Legal Seafoods. Legal Harborside is a fancy joint right on the pier, with a great rooftop deck that’s fabulous if you have the time to wait. You’ll want to have a reservation when you go here, because it’s always packed.

Being a seafood place, it’s no surprise that I tried calamari and a lobster roll. The calamari here is decent, but kind of boring compared to some of the other restaurants mentioned on this list. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the lobster roll, although the crown still belongs to Row 34 (see below).


Legal Seafood Test Kitchen (LTK)

Legal Seafood’s legendary status allows it to have a test kitchen restaurant where willing people come test out recipes that haven’t yet made it to the main restaurant menus. This can add an extra layer of adventure, but it also helps to remember that some of these recipes never will make it to the main stores, and for good reason. I went with a staple and ordered fish tacos, which were actually quite disappointing. And it took us a while to get our food. If you really want to try it out, go for it, but remember - you get what you get.



I’ll be honest, Morton’s is fine, but just another fancy steak house (I know, I know). I had the Philly steak sandwich with spare rib. It was good but certainly not my favorite entrée as far as Boston cuisine is concerned. However, the ahi tuna appetizer is really good (coming from one who doesn’t like raw fish). If you have the stomach or the budget, I would definitely recommend this for an appetizer.


Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is one of those really fancy restaurants that everyone wants to go to once. Make sure you plan in a solid 2-3 hours, depending on the size of your group. There were only two of us and, even though we ordered quickly, we were still there for a solid hour. Others I know ended up taking 3 hours to get through their meal, and that was for lunch! So be sure to plan ahead.

I ordered the business lunch, which included clam chowder, salmon, and carrot cake. We also ordered calamari as an appetizer. The best part of the meal was the carrot cake, which was truly delicious. But I’ll admit I was a little disappointed in both the clam chowder and the salmon. Still hard for me to find something I like better than a good cup from Boston Chowda Company.


Rosa Mexicano

I’ve been to Rosa Mexicano a couple of times. For the serious lack of Mexican restaurants on the East Coast, Rosa is a decent option. If you feel like a splurge, the molcajete guacamole is excellent. It’s prepared tableside with lime, cilantro, and plenty of avocados. The nachos and fish tacos are also excellent options. Aside from the incorrect grammar in the name, Rosa does a decent job satisfying your Mexican cravings.


Row 34

In my opinion, Row 34 has the best lobster rolls in all of Boston, whether warm and buttery or cold and creamy. I prefer the cold and creamy kind, but either way you’ll be absolutely in love with their lobster rolls! They come on a buttery roll that looks more like Texas toast, but they aren’t as huge as Neptune’s Oyster.

Aside from lobster rolls, I would also recommend the following:

  • Lobster tacos. Technically an appetizer, these are so good you might want them as a lighter entrée.
  • Scallop ceviche and fluke ceviche, if available. I’m not much of a raw fish fan, but when mixed with some fresh pico, these two ceviche dishes were quite appetizing.
  • Row 34 is known for its oysters, which I’ve heard from several associates are as delicious as they’re marketed to be. However, my dislike of oysters and raw seafood in general means I don’t often indulge in the world of oysters.
  • Fish tacos. Honestly, this was the only thing I wasn’t completely in love with. There was a little too much red cabbage and sauce for my taste. But, if you’re a die-hard fish taco person, I’m positive you won’t be dissatisfied.
  • For dessert, the butterscotch pudding is good, but you might not need it after a rich meal of lobster rolls and oysters.



Sportello is a fun Italian restaurant with fresh twists on classic pasta dishes. The restaurant is built to give the diner feel a modern twist, and many of the dishes are seasonal. I went in the summer. For appetizers we had the burrata, pane italiano, and white bean puree, all of which I would recommend. For an entrée, I had the cavatelli cavolfiore and absolutely loved it.



Sweetgreen is a DC startup (and a Georgetown startup at that!), so it’s very near and dear to my heart. My favorite salads are the Rad Thai (but beware - it’s got a little spiciness to it!), Hummus Tahina, and Guacamole Greens.


Tavern Road

Tavern Road has a fun atmosphere and is right across the bridge from the Boston Tea Party museum, so it’s a convenient place to stop for lunch if you’re sightseeing. The only thing I had here were the fish tacos. Honestly, there was a lot of sauce, not a lot of fish, and I was still hungry when I was finished. Meals run on the smaller side here, and, while I’m sure there are other good things on the menu, I probably wouldn’t order the tacos again.

Boston Bucket List

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