About Erin

Hi. I’m Erin. I’m thirty-something and single. For the last 4 years I’ve been in Washington, D.C., working on completing my JD/MBA degree from Georgetown University, and this past May I finally graduated. Now I live in Boston where I get to live the dream life of a first year junior law associate.

I started this blog after dozens of conversations with friends about the complexities of modern life, including questions about when and where and whether to go back to school, how to balance career planning with (potential) future family planning, how to maintain religious beliefs and standards in a society that is becoming increasingly secular, and how to go after your dreams and goals with everything you’ve got.

Riding in Front addresses these questions through the lens of my own real-world experiences as well as those of the amazing people around me. Hopefully by sharing these experiences, others can use them as guideposts for going after their own goals.

Join me in my adventures!